Integrated Pest Management: Pest control for food factories


Do you need?

  • rodent control?
  • bird proofing?
  • spraying for insects after a building wash?


Presco Environmental technician, Kerry, spraying for insects outside a building


How we can help you

For asset protection or food safety compliance, we offer you a proven “3 lines of defence” Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Our program involves:

  1. Investigation: Our qualified urban pest management technicians will travel to your site and investigate your pest problem.
  2. Identification: They identify the pest, food sources and point of entry.
  3. Treatment by professionals: Following the gathering of this data, we will then set-up and maintain a custom-designed control program using food-safety approved products, to keep your pest problems under control.

This will all be followed up with written monitoring reports to keep you in the loop.

This service includes bait station setup, monitoring and servicing; bird proofing; and spraying for insects (including cobwebs) after a building wash.


We do not do …  

We do not do domestic pest control, such as bee swarms or eradicating fleas.   We focus on keeping factories clean and safe by looking after their hygiene.


What are your alternatives?

You could use a pest control contractor. 

They will be able to remove pests from your site, but beware: not all pest control contractors understand food safety and what products are approved on food sites. 

You could get your own pest management team.

If you need someone to be doing pest control activities every day, it would be a good idea to get your own team.


Frequently asked questions 

Do you do residential/domestic pest control?
Do you deal with fleas?
Do you deal with ants?
Do you deal with bee swarms?

No.  We provide pest management to the food processing industry.  If you have a problem with any of these, please contact a local pest control contractor. 

Are your products dairy approved?

Yes.  We always use product that meets your site requirements. 


How much does integrated pest management cost?

Generally, this service costs between $75-$100 per technician per hour. 


What are the limitations of our integrated pest management service?

  • We do not provide domestic pest control services. This service is for food producers. 
  • This service is not eradication of pests. If your environment is right for pests – temperature, food etc. – you will keep having pest problems.  We offer a program to control these pests. 



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