Indoor Air Quality control is critical for maintaining a bacteria free zone.  Presco provides expert air filter and filter room servicing.  We bring a unique ‘hygiene’ approach to filter servicing, not the standard ‘mechanical’ approach common in the industry.  This ‘hygiene’ approach means you gain from more focus being put on the quality and cleanliness of air delivered from your ventilation system.

Presco Environmental technician, Frank, changing filters HVAC filter partly cleaned Presco technician washing HVAC filters HVAC
HVAC filter showing clear contrast between before and after cleaning.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) servicing should include not only regular filter changes at the correct intervals, but also a deep clean of all of the internal surfaces of the ventilation system downstream (clean air side) of your filter bank.

Filters are not able to remove all air-borne particles, but rather are graded by their ability to remove a percentage of air-borne particles down to a specified size.  This means the smaller particles pass on through with the air flow.  (Okay, we are talking microscopic here, but bacteria is microscopic)

Add to this the fact that, unless your ventilation system is very new, there is a good chance the interior of the ducting has some corrosion or oxidizing and the joins in the ducts and seals around the hatches may not be 100% air tight (if they ever were.)

This means that downstream (clean air) of the filters will be an accumulation of dust, insects and other foreign matter.  This must be removed by a deep interior clean and sanitisation as it will be contaminating the air quality coming from your ventilation system.

We pride ourselves in our 11 point ‘Breathe-Easy’ Total Care IAQ service which takes a holistic approach to your entire ventilation system and ensures the air coming into your building is compliant with all health and safety and food safety regulations.


  • Indoor Air Quality servicing for Food compliance
  • Annual/ ongoing cleaning programs
  • Condition reporting, before/ after photos and certificate of work done
  • Full system cleans- air intake to ceiling grilles
  • Highly skilled and trained technicians
  • Filter and component supply


While it is in no means conclusive, here is a checklist of the 12 most common failures of a ventilation system to prevent foreign matter entering your environment.

Download here: 12 Point FM Checklist

“We are happy with the standard of work.  Communications are good, reporting/feedback is clear and accurate and comes in a timely manner.  Presco also has a good understanding around sensitivities regarding confidentiality and uses our own camera to take photos during checks rather than bringing in their own.”


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