1. Reduce product contamination
2. Reduce spread of infection
3. Reduce absenteeism

Eliminate 99.9999% of airborne viruses, bacteria and pollutants in a single air pass


Viruskiller portable air cleaning units reduce product contamination and increase infection protection. 

The Viruskiller range are the world’s highest certified air cleaning units. The technology has been tested against Coronavirus, Adenovirus, Influenzavirus and Poliovirus. 


Cleans dirty air | Kills sick air | Neutralises toxic air



controlled airflow

Controlled airflow

Create a laminar airflow to take the danger away from the breathing zone and replace it with surgically clean air. 

single pass test results

Single air pass

Lab-tested technology that has a 99.9999% virus and bacteria kill rate on a single air exchange. 

Air sterilisation

Air sterilisation

Air goes through our patented Reactor Chamber where all pathogens and airborne harmful microorganisms are neutralised.

Quick setup

Quick setup

Requires no installation into ducts or pipes.  Start sterilising air as soon as you turn it on.

low maintenance

Low maintenance

Small number of parts for easy maintenance and a compact design to minimise space usage.



Let’s start at the beginning …

Q. Why do we need air purifiers?
A. To remove air pollution.


Air pollution can be broken into three segments:

  • dirty air
  • sick air
  • toxic air


Dirty air

Dirty air is made up of large particles, like:

  • particulate matter
  • pollen
  • smoke, and
  • dust.

To clean dirty air, you need to catch these large particles in a HEPA filter or a carbon filter.


Sick air

Sick air contains viruses, bacteria and mould. To clean sick air, you need to kill these contaminants.


Toxic air

Toxic air is the biggest threat. It contains extremely small particles, like VOC’s, that are now believed to be the most damaging to our health. These particles are too small to be caught. To remove them, they must be neutralised or absorbed in a porous material, like activated carbon. However, activated carbon can block very quickly, so what many manufacturers claim to be an effective solution, will be rendered ineffective in a few weeks[1].


Radic8 is effective against all airborne pollutants


Pollutants that Radic8 can eliminate from the air


So how do Radic8 Viruskillers remove these three types of pollution?


Air purifiers are widely available, and most are effective against pollen, dust and smoke. However, not all air purifiers can sterilise the air: kill sick air and neutralise toxic air.

Radic8’s 2-step air cleaning process makes them superior to other air purifiers on the market.


      > Helpful resource: Radic8 vs. Dyson vs. Molekule vs. Camfil Air Purifiers: an honest comparison


How it works



Step 1: air filtration


Air purification through mechanical filters is an important first step in air cleaning.  Radic8 units use three filters to capture the large particles in dirty air:

  • a pre-filter
  • a HEPA filter, and
  • a carbon filter.

But this should never be the only step.  Filters are only designed to catch a percentage of the larger particles in the air.  Therefore, as we know, they cannot remove toxic air.  Furthermore, no filter can actually kill viruses[1].

Unfortunately, a lot of air cleaning units stop here.


Step 2: air sterilisation


Air sterilisation is where Radic8 products stand apart from the competition.


After the dirty air has been caught in the filters, it passes through the ‘reactor chamber’.  In here, multiple UV-C lamps are surrounded by chrome nano titanium dioxide tube filters and polished with activated carbon.  This reacts in a process called photocatalytic oxidation.


    > Helpful resource: Learn all about photocatalytic oxidation for air sterilisation here.


Photocatalytic oxidation creates the ‘most powerful oxidants known to man – hydroxyl radicals’[1].  No particle can pass past these oxidants alive.  In here, all sick air is killed and toxic air is neutralised.

Hydroxyl radicals only last for a split second, so all the magic is happening right inside the unit.  ‘There are absolutely no by products released from the inside’[1].

What’s more, all this action happens in a single air pass.


Why is it important to sterilise the air in a single air pass?


If only some of the air is sterilised each pass, the units would be spreading dirty air around your room, ‘like standard air purifiers do’ – Daniel Maris, Radic8 Global.

Radic8’s virus killing results of 99.9999% in a single air pass are a result of meticulous design and precision.


Test Results


Radic8 Global claims Viruskillers are the ‘world’s highest certified air cleaning technology.’  

You can see 21 different testing certificates here.  These show efficacy against a wide rang of airborne pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2.  


Test report showing Viruskiller’s efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19).


View the other certificates here.


Air sterilisation for dentists

If you are an oral care professional, click here to learn how Radic8 Viruskiller’s are especially perfect for you.  



Are you ready?

Are you ready to start protecting your product and your people?


Pick the option below that best suits you.


VK103 air purifier
VK401 air purifier
Hextio air purifier


The biggest Viruskiller: a stand-alone unit for large areas up to 100m².


$5,126.80 exc. GST



The VK401 can be wall-mounted or rested on a desk.  It covers a smaller area of 60m2.


$2,750.56 exc. GST



The smallest unit, for personal use or a very localised hotspot.  Hextio covers areas up to 20m2.


$590.72 exc. GST





What model do I need?

This article teaches you the 5 principles to consider when working out which Viruskiller model is perfect for you.



Talk to an expert


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Wanting a conversation about air sterilisation?  He’d love to hear from you.


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Still wanting to learn more?


Read Denver’s Complete Guide to Air Purification: Everything you need to know before you invest in air purification.

Everything you need to know about air purification




[1] Hextio – World’s Highest Certified Clean Air Tech – Radic8 Global

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