Q-Bond: Anti-Microbial Sanitiser & Surface Treatment

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This anti-microbial sanitiser will help you if you need:

  • a sanitiser that provides lasting protection against pathogens, and
  • is food safety approved
  • is dairy and poultry approved
  • is alcohol-free
  • is Halal compliant.


Q-Bond Plus: Anti-Microbial Sanitiser & Surface Treatment

The solution for you

Q-Bond Plus is a unique alcohol-free sanitiser that imparts a lasting anti-microbial finish to your surface.  It is used as a surface treatment protectant and deodoriser to provide lasting protection against bacterial infestations.

Unlike traditional sanitisers, Q-Bond Plus bonds to the surface and dries to form a clear anti-microbial coating.  A single coating will protect from bacteria, mould, moss, fungi and other pathogens for 2-6 weeks.  

Highly effective against a range of pathogens including:

  • E-Coli
  • Cronobacter sakazakii
  • Listeria monocytogenes
  • Staphyloccoccus, and many more.

Before application, all edible food and packaging material must be removed from the room or carefully protected until the surface is dry.  If applying to poultry areas, poultry and eggs must not be present during cleaning and application. 

For small, easily accessible areas, simply lightly spray the surface.

A damp microfiber cloth can be used to wipe the surface to ensure an even cover. Take care not to
wipe the surface dry as this will prevent the active ingredients bonding to the surface.

Safe practise

Q-Bond Plus contains no BAC or DDAC and can be used in areas where the use of these compounds is restricted.



MPI Dairy Maintenance Compound Approved
This product is MPI approved for use in Farm Dairies.

MPI Approved C22, C39, C41
C22 – this product may be used in edible areas.  Before application, all edible product must be removed from the room.
C39 – This product may be used for cleaning and disinfecting poultry facilities and equipment used.
C41 – This product may be used in all areas. 

Passed AsureQuality assessment for food/beverage/dairy farm & factory food areas for incidental contact with food contact surfaces Ref# H3391.


What are your alternatives to anti-microbial sanitiser?

You could use a sanitiser that does not have anti-microbial properties.
Sanitisers that do not have anti-microbial properties, such as ANK Neutral Anolyte, will kill the pathogens on your surface at the time of sanitising.  As soon as any soil or pathogen lands on the sanitised surface, it becomes dirty again.  This kind of sanitiser usually costs less than an anti-microbial sanitiser, therefore could be an option if you have a conservative budget. 

You could use an anti-microbial coating that does not sanitise.
Anti-microbial coatings, such as MicroClear Plus, can protect your surface for up to three years with a single application.  This is a good option if you prefer lasting protection, as compared to Q-Bond Plus’s short-term protection of 2-6 weeks.  You will need to use a separate sanitiser before applying MicroClear Plus, as this product does not have sanitising properties like Q-Bond Plus. 


Frequently asked questions

Can Q-Bond Plus be fogged?
Yes.  Q-Bond Plus can be fogged the same as other sanitisers.  The residual effect will still take place once it contacts the surface. 

Is there any risk in fogging Q-Bond Plus?
No.  Q-Bond Plus is non-toxic.  It will lock on to any surface – hard, soft, fabric, etc.  You can fog offices and technology without any risk.  Use common sense: for example, aiming sanitiser directly at a piece of paper for an extended period will likely dampen the paper. 

Does Q-Bond Plus smell? 
Q-Bond Plus does not have a strong odour, even when fogged neat. 

Does Q-Bond Plus kill odour?
Q-Bond Plus is an effective deodoriser.  Remember, it will only kill the particles in the air that are causing the odour.  If the source of the odour, such as a dead rodent, is not taken care of, the odour will keep returning.  



All prices are excluding G.S.T. and freight

5L | $162.41
20L | $555.56


When will Q-Bond Plus not work?

This product wont bond to the surface if it is applied incorrectly.  Make sure you do not wipe the surface dry when applying, as this will prevent the active ingredients from bonding, therefore the anti-microbial properties will not work.  


If you have any more questions about Q-Bond Plus, please give us a call or email sales@prescogroup.co.nz.



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