MicroClear Plus: Clear Anti-Microbial Coating

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MicroClear Plus: Clear Anti-Microbial Coating


MicroClear Plus is a revolutionary, VOC free, water reducible antimicrobial clear coating. Formulated for long term protection against bacterial and viral contamination.  The amine functional silane actives are
also highly effective against moss, mould and fungus infestation.

The unique blend of polymer dispersions in MicroClear Plus have been designed for maximum adhesion over most interior and exterior substrates and painted surfaces without changing the underlying colour or impacting on the visual appearance.

The quaternary actives are bonded into the polymer matrix ensuring that with regular cleaning they will stay active for up to 3 years.


This product is MPI approved for use in Farm Dairies.
MPI APPROVED C22 (All animal product except dairy)
This product may be used in edible areas. Before application, all edible product must be removed from the room.
Passed AsureQuality assessment for food/beverage/dairy farm & factory food areas for incidental contact or non-contact with food contact surfaces Ref# H3382.


Excellent adhesion to most properly cleaned and prepared substrates.
Can be used for interior and exterior applications.

  • Fast Drying.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Solvent free.
  • Virtually no odour immediately after application.

The bonded, non-leaching silquat additive ensures long lasting efficiency against most pathogens, bacterial and fungal growth.
Easy to rejuvenate actives for performance in excess of 3 years.
Only 1 coat required.

Safe practise

The unique polymer blend used in MicroClear Plus makes it an eminently suitable sealer for loose, friable surfaces and imparts excellent stain blocking properties. MicroClear Plus contains no BAC or DDAC and can be used in areas where the use of these compounds is restricted.


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10L | $329.33



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How Microclear Plus works
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