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    Dirty air filter


    It is the time of year again for Dairy Factories to perform their winter maintenance tasks. This includes the very important replacement of any HVAC air filters that are due to be changed out.


    While this diligent attention to air quality is great, how do you make sure that when you disturb these air filters, all of the dirt and pathogens collected up in them over the last season does not become air-borne again and end up contaminating your factory?


    Even more importantly, how do you make sure the service technicians are not risking their health when handling these bacteria-ridden, allergen-inducing objects?


    Here’s some trade tips to help you do a good job of this.


    1. Protect yourself from air-borne contaminants by wearing a well-fitted respirator. Disposable P1 grade is fine.
    2. Have a bundle of 60-80 litre (or approx. 900 mm wide 1200 mm deep) heavy duty plastic bags on hand.
    3. If taking dirty filters back through food production areas, set up a ‘red-line’ and have a person working either side. The person on the ‘dirty’ side will pass the bagged dirty filter over the red-line to the person on the ‘clean’ side who will take the filter out through the plant.
    4. Ensure the air moving fan is switched off – air flow will quickly circulate any dislodged dust, sending it to exactly where you don’t want it!
    5. Remove the dirty air filter carefully, avoid jerky movements that will dislodge the dirt and make it air-borne. Sometimes the filter is stuck to a seal gasket so carefully lift this away from one corner and work your way around the filter slowly.
    6. Place the dirty filter in a plastic bag and tie off the opening or use a cable tie or packing tape to completely seal off the opening.
    7. Double bag the filter for extra protection – steel framed filters particularly can pierce one layer of plastic easily.
    8. Dispose of filters and any disposable personal protective equipment immediately in an approved waste facility.
    9. Clean and sanitise your work area after all of the dirty filters have been removed, bagged and disposed of.

    You may now commence fitting the new air filters.


    If you need assistance or advice with the correct removal and disposal of old air filters, Presco Environmental Services have IAQ consultants and on-site service teams available to help you.

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