Our Story: The Why, What + Where of Presco Environmental.

Why We Exist:


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What Else Matters to Us:


Sustainable: adjective [sus·tain·able]

  1. able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed
  2. involving methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources
  3. able to last or continue for a long time

In everything we do there underlies our craving to create more sustainable environments. We commit ourselves to the 3 P’s of sustainability – people, planet and profit – and believe in the three-legged stool philosophy that without one of these legs, the stool will fall over.

a triple bottom line is key to the sustainability of our story.

Not only do we focus on following sustainable practices in our own business, we also support our clients with creating their own sustainable environment by providing environmentally-friendly solutions that look after them and their people.  Programs are set up to increase efficiencies immediately, but to provide lasting returns long into the future.

Where Did We Come From?

We are NZ Leaders in Industrial cleaning, servicing the food and beverage industry. Our head office is in Hawera, Taranaki, nearby the Fonterra Whareroa site and our mobile technicians travel to sites NZ-wide.

Presco Environmental was born out of a small company called Enviroclean Taranaki. This business was originally a customer of Steve’s Hire business, Presco Hire (formally Hawera Hire) and provided roof cleaning services to Fonterra Whareroa (formally Kiwi Dairies). Due to a change in business circumstances and the increasing requirements of working on industrial sites, the business began to struggle. A Fonterra Senior Manager who could see the need for the services this business provided, recommended to the owner that he approach Steve to see if he was interested in taking over and developing the business. Steve could see the potential in the business and purchased it in 2006. Steve set up a management team which has continued to develop and improve the business into the industry leading company we are today.

Presco Environmental is a family owned and operated business and is one of the Presco Group of companies owned by Steve Prestidge and his sons. Associated companies include Presco Prenail and Presco Hire.


Group of technicians filling out documentation and certificates of completion


Our total-care package takes a holistic approach to your cleaning requirements.


  1. Industrial hygiene advisers will visit your site to gain an understanding of your needs and scope out the extent of the task and any special requirements.
  2. These advisers collaborate to design the most effective and safe cleaning methodology to suit the needs established in the site visit.
  3. We work with your team to develop a cleaning schedule that balances the need for cleaning to be done at the correct frequency and minimising disruptions to your operation.
  4. Our total-care package is presented as an annual cleaning schedule showing the value and timing of planned work. This is followed up with monthly reports showing planned and actual figures.
  5. Our team of mobile technicians bring our passion for critical hygiene and food safety right to your factory. Their experience, training and modern equipment allows them to complete your work effectively and safely with no mess, no fuss and no hassles.
  6. Quality Control: On job completion, technicians review the job scope documentation to ensure that work completed has achieved the desired outcome.
  7. Technicians receive sign-off from your team that the completed work meets expectations.
  8. Documented results: technicians provide a certificate of completion. This outlines:
    • Before and after conditions (including photos)
    • Description of work carried out.
    • Comments on any further work required or maintenance issues found.
  9. Our industrial hygiene advisers hold periodic review meetings with you to ensure the service we are providing meets all your expectations and to discuss opportunities for continuous improvement.



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