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ZERO WATER: 10 key benefits of Dry Ice Blasting – #2 December 5, 2019



Dry Ice blasting electrical board



Water has go to be the most common cleaning medium on the planet – right?

And for good reasons. It’s cheap, readily available (in most developed countries anyway) and completely non-toxic/non-hazardous.



high voltage warning


Okay, the obvious answer here is (no prizes for getting this one right folks,) when cleaning around ELECTRICITY or sensitive electronic equipment – not a good mix at all!  

The next common reason for avoiding a water wash down is the ENVIRONMENT – where does the dirty water go? Usually down the drain, right? So for anyone that cares about (or has to comply with regulations covering) what gets into the storm water or ground water, water wash down can cause major headaches, including surprise visits from the authorities, court hearings, fines, jail….. you get the picture here.




Then there is the reason I’m most passionate about reducing water use in cleaning is for BACTERIA or PATHOGEN control. Bacteria needs moisture to exist so cleaning with water provides one of the keys for life to resident bacteria (not to mention the introduction bacteria floating about in the water you are cleaning with!) Further, pressure washing with water causes splash back and despite the best of care, can cause clean areas to be re-infected by dirty, bacteria-laden water being splashed back over them.


Powder dryer diagram

In a ‘dry process’ environment such as a milk powder dryer, cleaning with water creates the unwanted downtime of having to ‘dry’out the plant before production can resume. With Dry Ice Blasting, the moisture-less cleaning means the production can recommence immediately after cleaning.



So here’s the solution – straight forward and simple: DRY ICE BLASTING

Dry Ice cleaning uses compressed air to propel frozen carbon dioxide (CO2) pellets at the surface being cleaned. The dry ice pellets freeze the soil/dirt (dry ice is -78 degrees Celsius, that’s negative seventy eight!) which causes it to loose adhesion, shrink and crack and then simultaneously dislodges the soil due to it’s kinetic energy and miniature explosive effect of the frozen CO2 instantaneously turning back into gas (a process called sublimation.)

Phew, that’s all a bit of a mouthful but that is what actually happens and the results are amazing. I love watching clients faces as they see this in action!


The soil falls to the ground, the surface is cleaned without damage, there’s no water to clean up, no chemical residue or empty chemical containers to deal with, no dirty cloths.

Watch a short video clip of Dry Ice Blasting in action on this web page



Oh, and did I mention, water is ultimately the scarcest resource on the planet?!


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