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YOU’D BLAST MY BABY?! Non-Abrasive: 10 Key Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting – #8 January 14, 2020



Technicians dry ice blasting sensitive components


Whoa, whoa. Whoa. I’m talking about your pride and joy vehicle, not your child. But yes, if you’re keen on a demo, I’d happily Dry Ice Blast the paintwork of your pride and joy set of wheels.


Now, that’s to say I’d take it all right down low and use the gentle end of Dry Ice Blasting’s capability settings – I’m not too keen on footing a re-paint bill on a luxury car!

The point I’m making is that Dry Ice Blasting can be extremely gentle on any substrate being cleaned. All other forms of blasting media are abrasive to a greater or lesser degree.

So what relevance does this have to the food and beverage industry, you rightly ask?

Great question! The thing is that Dry Ice Blasting (blasting with frozen CO2 gas pellets,) is a VERY effective cleaning method yet is 100% non-abrasive.

It’s really one of those things that need to be seen to be believed.


In the meantime, here’s 7 ways that the non-abrasive nature of Dry Ice Blasting can benefit food and beverage producers:


  1. Bearings. You’re not going to sand blast around bearings, are you? (Unless you plan to replace them.) Dry Ice pellets disappear on impact (sublimate is the scientific term,) so there is no residual abrasives forced inside the bearing roller tracks to chew them out in the next few hours of operation. Happily Dry Ice Blast all around your rotating plant without any worries about destroying bearings in the process.
  2. Seals. Much the same point as with bearings, rubber seals do not co-habit with abrasives. Instead of spending hours disassembling plant to blast clean it, Dry Ice Blasting lets you clean right over rubber seals without any chance of cutting the rubber or pushing abrasives past the seal – what are you going to do with all those hours you have just shaved of your maintenance shut down?!
  3. Labels. Yes, the plant will come up beautifully clean with sand blasting, soda blasting or bead blasting but WHOOPS, you’ve just lost all of those important labels and stickers. Oh dear – who remembers what pipe/wire goes where now? Dry Ice Blasting can be so gentle that you can remove heavy stuck on soil, yet retain stickers and labels. (A little disclaimer here: in untrained hands, Dry Ice Blasting can remove stickers unintentionally too – but who is talking about using untrained operators?!)
  4. Glass. I am not joking – Dry Ice Blasting will not mark glass windows, panes, gauges or screens. Think of throwing snow at your car window screen – you get the picture. (Again, in the hands of an untrained operator, the ultra-low temperature of Dry Ice Blasting, -79 deg. celsius, can cause problems with glass. So do engage an experienced contractor, please!)
  5. Plastics. All of those meters and meters of plastic conveyor and guides, all those knobs and handles and feet, all those switches, all those plastic covers and panels, Dry Ice Blasting can clean them all without leaving a mark. Oh, the time you’ll save over against manual scrubbing – what did you say you were going to do with this spare time again?!
  6. Nozzles. Glue and Ink nozzles are notorious for getting a heavy build-up of the said glue or ink all around them. But these are sensitive components – get your blasting gun away from them, you exclaim! Good news, folks put away your scrubbing brushes! The hours and hours of manually cleaning these components with solvents and/or hot water have gone the way of the dinosaur. Dry Ice Blasting is aggressive enough to remove this build-up without any damage to the precise nozzles.
  7. Electrical components. Now, this is simply amazing. In the right hands, Dry Ice Blasting can clean all over and around electrical components, wiring, sensors and inside electrical cabinets. And that’s not all, it can do this LIVE! Forget spending hours covering up sensitive components. Forget having to leave insides of electrical cabinets dirty. Forget having to manually clean in sensitive areas. Dry Ice Blasting has just made your life much, much easier. “Quantum change” springs to mind.



I’ll say it again in case you missed it before; in untrained hands, Dry Ice Blasting can cause problems with the sensitive surfaces listed above. Despite that, Dry Ice Blasting stands out head and shoulders above all other blasting methods as being NON-ABRASIVE.


If you need a little more cleaning effect than elbow grease, hot water or solvents yet don’t want to mark or damage the plant you’re cleaning, I highly recommend talking to your local Dry Ice Blasting contractor.


And for all those hours and hours that you’ll cut from your maintenance plan…..you’re welcome 🙂


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