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We’re All On Edge: How to instill confidence after Covid-19 lockdown April 30, 2020



products to use to instill confidence after covid-19 lockdown


Will things ever be the same, after Covid-19?

I doubt it. It is generally accepted that life as we have known it has been permanently changed to some degree. We’ve all become a lot more aware about virus. We’ve all become a bit more focused on hygiene when we are out and about. (Take the widespread wearing of face masks in public for instance.)

Despite the many heart-warming examples of people looking out for each other, there lies the primal basic need for our individual safety and survival (see Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.)

And there’s the rub. Once things open back up, the general public are going to be a bit paranoid about venturing out, entering anything close to a crowded or a confined space where they would be sharing air with potential disease carriers.


But you’re relying on customers to come back: What to do?

The key here will be to find a way to instil confidence into your customers and patrons’ minds that you have their health and wellbeing covered. That they can come to your place and engage in the things they used to enjoy doing, without the fear that they will contract a potentially fatal illness.

So, stop trying to sell, stop planning your future sales targets, and start caring.  Start finding out what you can do for your customers, what their most basic needs are, what will provide them with peace-of-mind.


Here’s 3 confidence-instilling ideas from around the globe

We know that cleaning programs must be increased exponentially. Sanitising of touch points after each use.  Fogging sanitiser throughout the premises.  Things like that. It is not possible to overdo it. But this is now the new expected base standard, not a point of difference.

From my discussions with industry leaders around the globe, here are three simple yet highly effective methods you can put in place immediately to instil confidence into your clients minds.


  1. Start using non-harmful sanitisers
    The wide-spread use of toxic chemicals to protect against Covid-19 is of concern. For the last 20 years we have been moving away from the use of potentially carcinogenic chemicals, toxic substances that will cause chronic health issues later in life. Google “health risks associated with Sodium hypochlorite, glutaraldehyde or ethanol”. Or just have a look at their Safety Data Sheets. Quite scary reading.
    An excellent alternative to this is Electrically activated water (also called Electrolysed water.) In layman’s terms, this is a water and salt brine with an electrical charge passed through it. The result is a completely natural sanitiser (Hypochlorous Acid Solution) that mimics the way our own body’s natural immunity system fights off disease.

  2. Start using ATP testing for cleaning verifications
    To remove the fear of “how well have they cleaned?” you can give your clients total peace-of-mind by adding ATP (adenosine triphosphate) testing verification to your cleaning regime. This simple in-house test gives an instant indication of the residual amount of organic matter on a surface that has been cleaned. A swab is taken of the surface and put into a hand-held ATP reader with the results available in just a few seconds. Add ATP test results to your ‘last cleaned’ signs.

  3. Air purification
    Cleaned and sanitised surfaces can be contaminated again immediately after cleaning. In between cleans the surfaces progressively get dirtier and less healthy.
    A solution that helps relieve this problem is continuous air purification. An air purifier running 24/7 is treating the air continuously, reducing the amount of dirt, gas and pathogens circulating and settling in the room. Installing an air purification system must be one of the best ways to show you care.
    A free-standing air purifier in the middle of the room is a great conversation piece, as well as great peace-of-mind. Tell your customers with confidence that “we share clean air!”
    There are a range of air purifiers available. We recommend a device that combines three types of air purification: UVC light, HEPA Filter, Carbon Filter.


Make use of the Government Stimulus package

The NZ Government is allowing immediate write-off of small assets up to $5000 purchased in the 12 months from 17 March 2020. One month has passed already. Combined with extremely low interest rates currently, there has never been a better time to invest in technology that will make you stand out from your competitors.


Communicate your Commitment

Once you have decided on what you will do to go above and beyond to keep your customers safe and healthy, let them know. Make a video demonstrating your new initiative and post it on your social media pages. Email your customer list with the news. Put a sign in the window or sandwich board sign outside. Write a press release and get in your local paper, (the media could really do with some positive news after all!) Make sure everybody knows what you are up to.


Your actions at this time will be remembered for years. Make them great ones!

All the best.


Want to know more about the products mentioned in this article?

  1. Electrically Activated Water: https://prescoenvironmental.co.nz/ank-neutral-anolyte/
  2. ATP testing devices: https://prescoenvironmental.co.nz/accupoint-advanced-sanitation-verification-system/
  3. Air Purifiers: https://prescoenvironmental.co.nz/radic8-viruskillers/


Matthew Prestidge, General Manager

About the Author

Matthew Prestidge is our General Manager and Senior Industrial Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality advisor.

Having spent the last 15 years creating more sustainable environments on industrial sites, Matthew has seen the good, the bad and the ugly and knows what is required to “clean up”.   

Would you like to discuss solutions to industrial cleaning issues?  
Matthew offers a free consultation and easy-to-implement advice on Industrial Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality for anyone in the New Zealand Food and Beverage industry. Contact him at matthew@presco.co.nz 


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