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The 2 HVAC Standards Every Plant Manager Needs to Understand March 11, 2020



Heavy level of hygiene as defined by IRHACE HVAC Best-practise Guideline


Knowing what standards the air quality of our HVAC system needs to comply with is often frustratingly unclear for any plant manager. 


The minefield of regulations is complex and riddled with industry jargon. 


However, HVAC hygiene is still imperative in protecting our food-producing facility from pathogens. 


Let’s break down the two most important HVAC standards you need to understand as a plant manager. 

  1. ASNZ 3666.2: Air-handling and Water Systems – Microbial Control – Operations and Maintenance

  2. IRHACE HVAC Best Practise Guideline: an industry-developed HVAC hygiene best-practice guideline, modified for New Zealand by IRHACE. Although this is not law, you would need to  be able to demonstrate you are following an equally effective standard yourself should you choose not to follow it. 


Put down the Nurofen.  That massive headache is about to end. 

But it will take a while, so pull up a chair and enjoy the ride.


We have created a separate resource on each standard to keep this as simple as possible.  Please click the links above to read each summary. 



Matthew Prestidge, General Manager

About the Author

Matthew Prestidge is our General Manager and Senior Industrial Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality advisor.

Having spent the last 15 years creating more sustainable environments on industrial sites, Matthew has seen the good, the bad and the ugly and knows what is required to “clean up”.   

Would you like to discuss solutions to industrial cleaning issues?  
Matthew offers a free consultation and easy-to-implement advice on Industrial Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality for anyone in the New Zealand Food and Beverage industry. Contact him at matthew@presco.co.nz 


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