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REDUCE YOUR PLANT DOWNTIME: 10 key benefits of Dry Ice Blasting – #7 January 14, 2020




Any food manufacturing plant can only run for so long before the product quality drops out of specification and then it’s time to stop the plant for a deep clean.

This plant down time is a necessary evil, right? If you keep running the plant you will be producing SECOND-GRADE product and if you shut down for cleaning you will be producing NO product.


Dry Ice Blasting can make you a better plant manager.


Bringing in an experienced and qualified Dry Ice Blasting contractor to assist with deep cleaning is one of the best options available to a Plant or Process manager trying to increase their plant up-time.


Here are some of the best the reasons why:

No waiting for the plant to cool down

The greater the difference in temperature between Dry Ice (-79˚C) and the surface being cleaned, the greater thermal shock and effectiveness of the Dry Ice Blasting process in removing the soil. This means instead of waiting for the plant to cool down, you get the best result by getting straight into Dry Ice Blasting as soon as you have shut the plant down.


Less dismantling and reassembling of the plant

In most situations, components of the plant can be cleaned in place or certainly cleaned inside the production hall, instead of having to disassemble and take outside the plant to a wash bay. This is because there is no chemicals or high pressure water being used that can push contamination deep inside the plant. A big time saver as well as less wear-and-tear on the plant and less manual handling. Win-win-win!


No drying time

Absolutely no dry out time involved. Dry Ice is frozen CO2 gas. On impact, the Dry Ice pellets sublime back into gas and do not go through the liquid phase – no moisture involved. (I should warn that the cold dry ice can cause condensation on steel surfaces – this is something an experienced Dry Ice Blasting contractor will know how to control.) For a dry product plant, this is huge! As soon as the cleaning is completed, production can commence.


No secondary waste to clean up and dispose of

Apart from the soil that has been cleaned off the plant and has fallen to the ground, there is nothing else to clean up. No dirty water, no chemical residue to rinse off, no dirty cloths or tools to clean up/ and dispose of. Nothing!


By reducing the time and activities on the shoulders of the actual cleaning time, Dry Ice Blasting reduces the total cost of cleaning substantially.

A Quick Win

If you are in a position of having a lot of time and staff for for cleaning, then this may not be your biggest concern. In that case we should probably be having a different conversation about over-capacity in your resourcing. However, in my experience, most plant managers are looking for ways of increasing the output from their plant. Increasing production up-time with Dry Ice Blasting is a quick win that I recommend you look into if you haven’t already.


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