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No Residue Left Behind: 10 Key Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting – #9 January 29, 2020


Attention all food manufacturers.  How often have you asked this question of a cleaning or sanitising chemical…


“Does it leave a residue behind?”


Clean steel factory pipes


All surface cleaning requires a combination of either solvents or temperature or action. Both solvents and action potentially introduce foreign matter that needs to be removed after the cleaning process before the surface is compliant for food contact again.


Think: Water – needs to be dried out

Think: Chemicals – need to be rinsed out

Think: Fibers and lint from cleaning wipes – need to be removed


So what we are saying here is that most cleaning methods in themselves create a secondary problem which has to be dealt with prior to food production recommencing.

Let us tell you about residue free cleaning – Dry Ice Blasting.

Dry ice blasting utilises frozen CO2 gas pellets which are propelled at soil on a surface via compressed air to rapidly freeze and dislodge the soil contaminant from the surface.


And here’s where the magic happens:

On impacting soil on a surface and dislodging it, the frozen CO2 gas pellets sublimate (turn from a solid state back into its natural gas state) and disappear into the atmosphere.

The soil can then be vacuumed or swept up from where it has fallen on the ground; there is zero residual cleaning agent on the surface.


So why is this beneficial?

  • No rinsing required
  • No dry out time required
  • No clean up labour required
  • No risk of product contamination
  • No risk of human error failing to perform the critical rinse process
  • Shorter off-production window possible
  • Fit more maintenance tasks into the same shut-down window


To find out more about how residue free cleaning can benefit your plant, contact Matthew Prestidge at matthew@presco.co.nz




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