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VIDEO: An Introduction to Shepherd Filters: the simple solution to help you and our planet November 6, 2019


Watch Matthew give you a brief introduction to Shepherd Filters. The special product provides an innovative and sustainable solution for your extraction system filtration. Made from 100% wool, they are naturally fire retardant and biodegradable. Shepherd Filters are disposable and can capture up to 98% of airborne grease, as opposed to as low as 20-40% with a standard grease filter.


Read more about Shepherd Filters here.


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“Hello, I’m Matthew Prestidge from Presco Environmental. 

I’m here to talk to you today about the latest and hottest innovation in commercial kitchens; Shepherd Filters.

Every commercial kitchen will have an air extraction system and in that extraction system there will be grease filters.  They may look something a bit like this – the steel baffle – or you may even have the old honeycomb style. 

The thing with steel baffle filters is, they’re not that efficient.  They may take 30 or 40% of the grease out of the air.  Which means the other 70% is passing through and fouling up your ventilation system ducting and fans.

Shepherd Filters is the answer. 

This is a natural sheep wool filter media that that has a natural affiliation to grease, so it’s capturing the grease as it’s passing through.  It has been tested to capture up to 98% of the grease in the air, so that’s outstanding!

Let’s go through 4 main points as to why Shepherd Filters will do a lot better for you than the filters in your ventilation system now.

So, let’s go straight to the money one.

Cost: cost is a major factor in a commercial kitchen.  Because it’s capturing so much of the grease before it enters the system, Shepherd Filters massively reduce the cleaning costs of the ventilation system.

That’s the grease filters themselves that often are soaked overnight in chemicals and then washed out the next day. 

It’s the hood that often a contractor will come and clean out for you.

And then the ducting, and the fan system, all which is often very difficult to access but needs cleaning. 

You’ve also got your grease trap if you’re washing the filters yourselves.  When you wash away that greasy water, it will end up in a grease trap somewhere which will need to be cleaned out. 

You’ve also got issues with the high areas of the kitchen itself.  The more grease that’s in the room, the dirtier the walls get, because the walls get greasy and sticky and the dust can settle on them.

So, all these things are massively reduced by using Shepherd Filters. 

Let’s talk about safety, because really that should be # 1. 

Shepherd Filters do not require harsh chemicals to clean them.  The woollen media is disposable.  The frame clips apart, the woollen media blanket comes off, the dirty one goes in the bin, the frame is put back together and you’re away.  No chemicals involved.

Also, wool cannot burn. 

Wool is naturally fire retardant; it can singe but it cannot burn.  A very very important factor for a commercial kitchen.

User friendly is the next thing – easy for your staff.  A Shepherd Filter can be changed within 1 minute. 

Without any tools.  Without any water.  Without any chemicals. Quick and easy for your staff – if it’s easy, they’ll do it. 

Think of the time saved.  Think of the hours per week saved for your staff which they can put into front-of-house type tasks.  There is a lot of time saving.

Finally, and very importantly, is the eco-friendly aspect.  Being a natural woollen media, Shepherd Filters are as sustainable as you’re ever going to get. 

We talked already about no harsh chemicals being used in the cleaning process.  Wool is naturally biodegradable so it can go into landfill without any issues.  So, there’s your answer. 

There’s dollar savings, safety improvements, time savings, ease of use, and the eco-friendly sustainability factor. 

Get into Shepherd Filters!”



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