DRY ICE BLASTING = SUSTAINABILITY I don’t think I have ever seen a cleaning method as good for the environment as Dry Ice Blasting is.  Period.  Here’s why. Dry Ice Blasting recycles and re-uses carbon-dioxide before it is released back into the environment. Dry Ice is harvested carbon dioxide, a natural gas that is a by-product of […]


YES YOU CAN ACHIEVE RESULTS WITH CHEMICAL-FREE CLEANING Chemical-free cleaning sounds a bit risky, doesn’t it? We’ve all grown used to powerful solvents, alkalies and acids being used for industrial cleaning. Yet they have so many associated health risks that you’d think that in this day and age of Health and Safety compliance they’d be gone! The fact […]

Dirty Air Filter - renaissenceair.com

It is the time of year again for Dairy Factories to perform their winter maintenance tasks. This includes the very important replacement of any HVAC air filters that are due to be changed out. While this diligent attention to air quality is great, how do you make sure that when you disturb these air filters, […]


E-coli bacteria You have a filtered air supply system? The the filters were recently changed out? Should be all compliant then? Sorry team, its not quite that easy. Particulate matter is coming through those air filters, as we speak! To quote this Camfil article,  with outdoor air carrying 200 to 1,500 bacteria per cubic metre, an […]

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