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5 best ways to reduce your HVAC system's energy consumption

If you are a food processing plant manager looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption while are on a strict budget, look no further.


You do NOT need to invest in a new HVAC system.

This article shows you five simple, tangible ways you can reduce the energy consumption of your ventilation system, without any major investment!

When should I change the filters in my food factory

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. 
Learn everything you need to know about the five factors involved in finding the optimum filter change out frequency for your plant.

Presco Environmental technician, Frank, changing filters

There is so much more to Total Air Care than air filter replacement.

Your critical hygiene environment will have an air quality standard you have to meet. Here are the HVAC services you need to do at least once each year.

All these services make up the price of Total Air Care.

Cooking can create flames. Shepherd Filters do not increase this fire risk.

A common misunderstanding about Shepherd Filters is that they increase fire risk.  People believe this because Shepherd Filters hold all the grease right over the heat source.
This is true.
But the truth is, Shepherd Filters decrease your fire risk. Learn why.

HVAC filters showing clean and dirty

Relentless care of your HVAC Hygiene is paramount in maintaining your factory’s critical hygiene.
In case you forgot why, here’s a quick refresher.

Photocatalytic Oxidation purification process

What is the difference between air filtration and air sterilisation? They are the same thing, right?

Nope! It is perfectly understandable to confuse the two, but filtration and purification are two different processes with different efficacy for different pollutants.
Filtration is the process of trapping particulate matter, whereas purification is the elimination of toxins from the air.
However, to get the purest, cleanest air, both processes should be utilised together.

How to bounce back after COVID-19 lockdown

If you are not classified as an essential service, then you likely have suffered a massive drop in income and are facing an uncertain future.
These 7 points will help you be ready to spring back into action, as soon as you can throw your doors open again.

A photograph from 1940, taken for infectious research purposes at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, shows respiratory droplets released through sneezing.

COVID-19 is such a new disease that none of the virologists, research centres and other health professionals are 100% confident of the science behind it.
This article covers what the research centres and medical professionals DO know and what this POTENTIALLY means.

Presco Environmental technician, Frank, changing filters

The IRHACE HVAC Hygiene Best Practise Guideline is one of two documents that are vital for any plant manager in a food factory to know.  

Let us break it down for you.


Understanding ASNZ3666.2 is imperative for any plant manager. We have stripped away the jargon to leave just the important remains. Learn more today.

Heavy level of hygiene as defined by IRHACE HVAC Best-practise Guideline

Are you a factory manager with a headache? We have picked out the two most important standards HVAC to save you the pain.
Read a summary of ASNZ3666.2 and IRHACE HVAC Hygiene Best Practise Guidelines for all you need to know on HVAC hygiene.

Inside of Air Supply Ducting

No matter how mechanically sound your ventilation system is, you should not be running it in your food production facility, unless it is fully hygienic.

How close have you looked at your cleanliness?

In a critical hygiene environment, the air downstream of air supply filters must be clean, right?
Yes, this is absolutely true.
However, factory managers often get an unpleasant surprise when they discover how dirty the air inside their red-line actually is.

Shepherd Filters protect the exhaust system above kitchen staff frying chicken

Discover six problems with standard metal grease filters and, more importantly, the six solutions Shepherd Filters provide.

shepherd filter with airah badge 2

Watch Matthew give you a brief introduction to Shepherd Filters. The special product provides an innovative and sustainable solution for your extraction system filtration.

kitchen staff removing shepherd filters

Let Matthew show you how easy and fast changing a Shepherd Filter can be!

Shepherd Filters protect the exhaust system above kitchen staff frying chicken

One of the many benefits of Shepherd Filters is the savings created by only changing each filter when needed.
But how do you know when to change them? Watch this short video where Matthew explains when to change your Shepherd Filters.

money savings

Every kitchen is unique, therefore Shepherd Filters help everyone to different extents.  Curious to discover how much money your own kitchen can save using this fantastic product?  Fill out the calculator below and become as excited as we are!

e coli bacteria

Air supply system ✔️
Filters just changed ✔️
Should be compliant then ❌

Sorry, no. Particulate matter is coming through those filters, as we speak.

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