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We have a crisis on our hands.

Over the last 20 years, mini-split ductless air conditioning units have become New Zealand’s default office heating and cooling solution.

Yet these “air con” units may trigger chronic health issues in office workers for many years to come. 

Everything you need to know about air purification

Do you have an immediate air quality issue (airborne pathogens, toxic fumes or foreign matter) that you need a solution for? Or are you a proactive manager looking for ways to improve the quality of your air (and ultimately the quality of the products you produce)?

Either way, this guide will help you understand air purification and its application for you

Cryomodule Test Facility (CMTF) distribution box for cryogenic systems at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. The CMTF houses radiofrequency systems and a cryogenic plant, crucial components for testing superconducting radio-frequency cavities for the SRF Accelerator Test Facility at the new Muon Lab. Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash

So, you say it’s clean?  Prove it.

There are 3 types of people who should be using ATP testing to prove their cleanliness:
1. Cleaners
2. Factory managers
3. You guessed it – everyone else.

Are you one of these? Find out how to start proving your premises is clean today.


Sanitiser does not have to be alcohol-based to be effective. In fact, there are other types of sanitisers that are far more effective at killing pathogens than alcohol is.
Learn about four different active ingredients in sanitisers, and which one you should use.

products to use to instill confidence after covid-19 lockdown

Thoughts of an indoor air quality expert.
Read three practical ideas to instill confidence in your customers after the COVID-19 lockdown.


That’s right, you need to use that ‘C’ word first, sorry!
For thorough sanitising in the food industry, the key (and hopefully not overlooked) step is pre-cleaning. Clean first. Sanitise afterwards. In that order. Always. No exceptions. Period. To head off any potential disagreement or passive aggressive protest, let’s boil each step down to its most basic function.

Photocatalytic Oxidation purification process

What is the difference between air filtration and air sterilisation? They are the same thing, right?

Nope! It is perfectly understandable to confuse the two, but filtration and purification are two different processes with different efficacy for different pollutants.
Filtration is the process of trapping particulate matter, whereas purification is the elimination of toxins from the air.
However, to get the purest, cleanest air, both processes should be utilised together.

How to bounce back after COVID-19 lockdown

If you are not classified as an essential service, then you likely have suffered a massive drop in income and are facing an uncertain future.
These 7 points will help you be ready to spring back into action, as soon as you can throw your doors open again.

A photograph from 1940, taken for infectious research purposes at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, shows respiratory droplets released through sneezing.

COVID-19 is such a new disease that none of the virologists, research centres and other health professionals are 100% confident of the science behind it.
This article covers what the research centres and medical professionals DO know and what this POTENTIALLY means.

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