ANK Neutral Anolyte – High Strength Non-Toxic Sanitiser

ANK neutral anolyte



Powerful yet benign sanitiser for sanitising food premises and disinfecting areas requiring a high
hygiene standard. Used as directed very effective against a wide range of pathogens with a near 100%
kill of known bacteria, yeasts, moulds, fungus, mildews; Including Listeria, Salmonella, Campylobacter, E.coli, Coliforms, Legionnaires, Staphylococcus, Aureus, Pseudomonas Aug. Bacillus subtilis, Candida and many more.

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This product is MPI approved for use in Farm Dairies
MPI APPROVED C23, C43, C51, C61, C104 (All animal product except dairy)
C23 – This product may be used in edible areas. Where incidental contact with food surface occurs,
surface must be rinsed with potable water.
C43 – This product may be used as a no-rinse sanitiser on clean surfaces in licensed premises which
are restricted only to the processing of fish.
C51 – This product may be used to sanitise whole shell eggs.
C61 – This product is permitted in potable water.
C104 – This product may be used as a hand washing and sanitising compound in all areas.
Passed AsureQuality assessment for Food/Beverage/Dairy factory for food contact surfaces and
potable process/bottled water and food rinse water (including for Farm Dairies) – ref # H2610
BioGro Certified Input for Organics Ref # 5576. This product is certified for use in organic production.


Spray and wipe in concentrated form for all general hard surface disinfection.
Floors, walls & equipment sanitation apply 1-4% mixed with potable water. (1:100/1:25)
Spray or wash machines/floors/walls/surfaces then rinse with potable water.
Safe to Fog: Dilute concentrate at 4% (1:25) for atmospheric fogging, odour control and bacteria load
reduction applications.
Potable water treatment: Apply concentrate to water supply at 0.4%-1% of total flow
For Fruit & Vegetable washing contact the Envirolyte team for specific application advice.

Safe Practise

Independently tested and verified, liberally sprayed as a concentrate this powerful Organically Certified
non-toxic product will disinfect and sanitise surfaces with a minimum contact time of 30-60 seconds.
pH Neutral and non-corrosive. Safe on surfaces including glass, plastic, wood and stainless steel.



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