ANK Foam – Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitiser

ank foam


This new alcohol-free foaming hand sanitiser utilises the effective bacterial control properties of ANK Neutral Anolyte (link). This unique product is ideal for use in the food industry where alcohol based products are an issue; or if there is a need to avoid dry skin problems often associated with alcohol-based products.


MPI APPROVED C51 (All animal product except dairy)
C51 – This product may be used as a hand washing and sanitising compound in all areas.


Organism                         LOG10 Decrease            % Decrease
E. coli                                         >5.9                              >99.999
S. aureus                                   >5.2                              >99.999
L. monocytogenes                   >5.1                              >99.999
Salmonella Menston              >6.3                             >99.9999
C. albicans                                >3.8                                 >99.9


Apply directly to hands from the dispenser. Lather well and then rub briskly over palms between fingers
and then back of the hands. Repeat if necessary.


Due to current global conditions, a minimum order quantity applies to 100mL size.  



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