Q-Bond: Anti-Microbial Sanitiser & Surface Treatment

Q bond


Q-Bond is a unique bonded, non-leaching surface sanitiser based on proven Amino Silane technology.
It imparts a lasting antimicrobial finish to the surface of a wide variety of substrates.

Unlike traditional sanitisers, Q-Bond fluid bonds to the treated surface and dries to form a clear sub-micron coating.

Q-Bond silane-based actives “lock” onto the treated surface providing longer-term protection from
bacteria, mould, moss, fungi and other pathogens allowing greater time between treatments and
applications. Highly effective against a range of pathogens including, E-Coli, Cronobacter sakazakii, Listeria monocytogenes, Staphyloccoccus and many more.


This product is MPI approved for use in Farm Dairies.

MPI APPROVED C22,C39, C41 (All animal product except dairy)
C22 – This product may be used in edible areas. Before application, all edible product must be
removed from the room.
C39 – This product may be used for cleaning and disinfecting of poultry facilities and equipment used
in the production and processing of eggs for human consumption
C41 – This product may be used in all areas.

Passed AsureQuality assessment for food/beverage/dairy farm & factory food areas for incidental
contact with food contact surfaces Ref# H3391


Q-Bond is used as a surface treatment protectant and deodoriser to provide enduring protection against bacterial infestations.
Before application, all edible food and packaging material must be removed from the room or carefully protected until the surface is dry. If applying to poultry areas, poultry and eggs must not be present during cleaning and application.
For small, easily accessible areas to be treated, simply mist or lightly spray the surface.
A damp microfiber cloth can be used to wipe the surface to ensure an even cover. Take care not to
wipe the surface dry as this will prevent the active ingredients bonding to the surface.

Safe Practise

Q-Bond contains no BAC or DDAC and can be used in areas where the use of these compounds is



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