We partner with the NZ food production industry to help it meet food safety regulations and uphold our country’s reputation as a world-class food producer. Our experienced advisers will visit your site to gain an understanding of your situation and design and implement a total-care sustainable cleaning program to meet your specific needs. Our fully-equipped, trained technicians will undertake the cleaning to the agreed schedule and provide you with reports and photos of work completed.

We are as passionate as you are about keeping NZ famous for the quality of it’s food production!

Trained, Compliant and Equipped

Our technicians are trained in the relevant Unit Standard Qualifications to perform work in critical hygiene and high hazard environments.

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Total-care packages

We partner with you to take ownership of your cleaning requirements. From designing a custom cleaning scope to providing documented evidence of work completed.

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Sustainable practises

We are committed to creating more sustainable environments for our clients. All the work we undertake for you aligns with the triple bottom line of sustainability.

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Presco's mission is to build a sustainable business that provides for Presco families and supports communities and charities.
Steve Prestidge, Founder, Presco
Presco Environmental technician, Rob, wears gloves, safety glasses and ear protection while dry ice blasting.

Is Dry Ice Blasting Dangerous?

Because dry ice blasting can seem like a very dangerous method of cleaning, people have a lot of queries about it.  
Let us answer 6 of your most pressing questions about the dangers of dry ice blasting.  

kitchen staff plating food

Why Is Everything In My Kitchen Greasy? The best way to deal with kitchen grease

Is everything in your kitchen covered in grease?
Don’t worry. You are not alone.
Learn all about what causes this grease and how to get rid of it for good.

Cooking can create flames. Shepherd Filters do not increase this fire risk.

Myth Busters: Shepherd Filters Increase Fire Risk

A common misunderstanding about Shepherd Filters is that they increase fire risk.  People believe this because Shepherd Filters hold all the grease right over the heat source.
This is true.
But the truth is, Shepherd Filters decrease your fire risk. Learn why.

Wool in the kitchen? Why woolen grease filters are your best option.

Wool is naturally resistant to bacteria and mould, it neutralises many harmful air pollutants and it has an affinity for oils. So why should you invest in a disposable kitchen grease filter solution made of wool?

technician reaching into dry ice container

How much does dry ice blasting cost?

Every dry ice blasting job is different which makes it difficult to have a standard price that will be accurate for all situations.

However, there are some key factors that make up the price of a dry ice blasting job. By looking at each of these you can get an approximate value of work.

Learn what these factors are now.

Cryomodule Test Facility (CMTF) distribution box for cryogenic systems at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. The CMTF houses radiofrequency systems and a cryogenic plant, crucial components for testing superconducting radio-frequency cavities for the SRF Accelerator Test Facility at the new Muon Lab. Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash

3 people ATP testing is perfect for right now: Thoughts from critical hygiene experts

So, you say it’s clean?  Prove it.

There are 3 types of people who should be using ATP testing to prove their cleanliness:
1. Cleaners
2. Factory managers
3. You guessed it – everyone else.

Are you one of these? Find out how to start proving your premises is clean today.

examples of fake duct cleans

Are You Risking the Life of Your Kitchen? 18 examples of fake duct cleans

When I’m on the phone and someone tells me they are getting their entire kitchen extraction duct cleaned for $400, my heart sinks. 

I can’t help but wonder if they ever check the job before they pay.

Is their duct actually clean?

Too many kitchens are becoming victims of fake duct clean. View these examples of fake duct cleans then check your own.


All You Need to Know About Photocatalytic Oxidation for Air Sterilisation

“Photo-what you say?”

“Photocatalytic oxidation.”

Phew.  What a mouthful.

I struggled just trying to sound it out. The verbal challenge inspired me to research this advanced sterilisation technology.

This article will help you understand the basic science involved in the photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) process.

Presco Environmental technician, Frank, changing filters

How much does Total Air Care cost?

There is so much more to Total Air Care than air filter replacement.

Your critical hygiene environment will have an air quality standard you have to meet. Here are the HVAC services you need to do at least once each year.

All these services make up the price of Total Air Care.

Presco Environmental technician, Jeremy, dry ice blasting paint from scaffolding

Can I clean and sanitise at the same time?

Yes, you can.
Food safety 101 states you must clean first, sanitise second. 
There is one way around this; dry ice blasting sanitises as it cleans. 


You Can’t Sanitise Dirt: 7 steps to clean

That’s right, you need to use that ‘C’ word first, sorry!
For thorough sanitising in the food industry, the key (and hopefully not overlooked) step is pre-cleaning. Clean first. Sanitise afterwards. In that order. Always. No exceptions. Period. To head off any potential disagreement or passive aggressive protest, let’s boil each step down to its most basic function.

Sodium Hypochlorite creates a strong odour when cleaning

[BONUS] Odour-Free Cleaning: 10 Key Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting – #11

In food production, odour can be as big of a food safety risk as foreign matter.

Dry ice blasting cleans and sanitises equally as well as traditional chemicals, without creating any odour issues whatsoever.

Inside of Air Supply Ducting

Mechanical or Hygiene: What is the Best Path to Clean Air?

No matter how mechanically sound your ventilation system is, you should not be running it in your food production facility, unless it is fully hygienic.

Heavy level of hygiene as defined by IRHACE HVAC Best-practise Guideline

The 2 HVAC Standards Every Plant Manager Needs to Understand

Are you a factory manager with a headache? We have picked out the two most important standards HVAC to save you the pain.
Read a summary of ASNZ3666.2 and IRHACE HVAC Hygiene Best Practise Guidelines for all you need to know on HVAC hygiene.

Drury inside HVAC room

Break Down The Standard: ASNZ3666.2

Understanding ASNZ3666.2 is imperative for any plant manager. We have stripped away the jargon to leave just the important remains. Learn more today.

Presco Environmental technician, Frank, changing filters

Break Down The Standard: IRHACE HVAC Hygiene Best Practise Guideline

The IRHACE HVAC Hygiene Best Practise Guideline is one of two documents that are vital for any plant manager in a food factory to know.  

Let us break it down for you.

A photograph from 1940, taken for infectious research purposes at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, shows respiratory droplets released through sneezing.


COVID-19 is such a new disease that none of the virologists, research centres and other health professionals are 100% confident of the science behind it.
This article covers what the research centres and medical professionals DO know and what this POTENTIALLY means.

How to bounce back after COVID-19 lockdown

7 Ways to Ensure Your Business Will Bounce Back From the Covid-19 Lockdown

If you are not classified as an essential service, then you likely have suffered a massive drop in income and are facing an uncertain future.
These 7 points will help you be ready to spring back into action, as soon as you can throw your doors open again.

Photocatalytic Oxidation purification process

Air Filtration vs Air Purification

What is the difference between air filtration and air sterilisation? They are the same thing, right?

Nope! It is perfectly understandable to confuse the two, but filtration and purification are two different processes with different efficacy for different pollutants.
Filtration is the process of trapping particulate matter, whereas purification is the elimination of toxins from the air.
However, to get the purest, cleanest air, both processes should be utilised together.

Radic8 Dyson Molekule Camfil Air Purifier comparison

Radic8 vs. Dyson vs. Molekule vs. Camfil Air Purifiers: An honest comparison

Considering an air purifier?

We’re here to help.

We’ll compare 4 brands based on efficacy, capacity, cost, ease of use and testing.

Come on a journey with me to discover the air purifier that’s best for you.


Hi Heidi

Kerry was very pleasant to deal with and had prepared his permit to a very high standard. As the supervisor and issuer on that day it is refreshing to know there are contractors taking the extra time to think safer and raise issues as they see them.

Could you please pass this feedback onto Kerry

Kind regards,

Ali Brooks, Whey Products Shift Supervisor


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